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Event & Party Hire

per person

Are you looking for a memorable set up for an event? Hire our glamping tent for a day or even overnight! Our team is experienced to cater for a variety of events such as birthdays, high teas, weddings, parties, and other special occasions. If you have a special theme in mind – we will design the tent interior to match the event! We can set up in your backyard, on the beach or wherever you would like to celebrate.

What is included?

  • Set-up at location of your choice
  • Interior design according to your party theme
  • Table including decorations
  • Overnight stay possible (please check camping permissions in public places) – we will provide a queen mattress and bedding
  • Pack-up

Pricing for Events

The prices for events range from $350 (day event) to $500 (overnight hire). Depending on your party theme, additional decoration expenses may be incurred. Our team will discuss this with you prior to the event.

Important Information

To make the set-up process for your party as seamlessly as possible, please take the following things into consideration:

  • We need a evenly leveled area of around 7×7 meters for the glamping tent
  • Please let us know how many people will be attending the event
  • If you would like to set up on a lawn, please ensure that you don’t cut the grass within 2 days prior to the event
Day / Overnight

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